FROZEN CATWALK | Norsk motebransje diskuterer klima- og miljøtiltak


Art and couture will challenge fast fashions culture and throwaway society. The huge footprint of sport and fashion industry frozen in time to rethink how the industry can make an impact in the future of sustainability.

Frozen catwalk is an exhibition where the catwalk freeze in a moment of reflection to discuss climate and environmental actions based on the Paris agreement. How can the industry change and become more sustainable? How can the Norwegian fashion industry go forefront and provide pathways for tomorrow’s designers? How can consumers contribute? We will discuss the entire circular value of chain: from raw materials, productions, culture and use-reuse-recycle in a bigger scale.


Program starts at 18:30 / 6:30 pm

18:30 Frozen catwalk run exhibition

19:00 Presentation of the Paris Charter on Fashion & Climate

19:20 Representatives from the industry reflects on pathways for action

20:00 Mingling. Bar in Vinterhagen

20:30 Panel conversation challenging the change in the industry

21:15 Signage Paris Charter on Fashion & Climate

21:30 Mingling

22:00 Time to move



Isabelle Quehe, Founder of Universal Love,

Reimer Ivang, Founder of Better World Fashion and University of Aalborg

Josef Nyström Baksaas, Pathfinder Houdini Sportwear

Anne Cecilie Rinde, designer and founder Vera&William

Marianne Mørck, designer Mørch design

Flere kommer.



PARURES Collection

Norwegian Couture

Rebeca Rebeca

Vera & William

Marianne Mørck Design

Better World Fashion

Houdini Sportswear

Idé og konsept: Inger-Mette Stenseth, Fashion Revolution Norway

Produksjon og gjennomføring: Johannes Marseth, Norwegian Couture | Rebeca Herlung Høien, Rebeca Rebeca |Edmond Yang, YangMedia

Illustration: Rebeca Rebec,

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