It’s Laundry Day at the huge sauna at SALT!

  • Beklager. Denne hendelse har allerede funnet sted.

The Climate Festival § 112 is broad climate celebration that encourages and inspires people to support political measures to ensure a sustainable future. In this edition of the Laugardagr concept we will present both a film and lecture dealing with the climate team.

Drop in Sauna, streetfood from GLØR, gameboard night and DJs in Langhuset. Bring your swim suit). Naustet will have a cosy and romantic atmosphere. Tickets sauna, NOK 195,- Drop in.
It’s Laundry Day at the huge sauna at SALT!
The Norwegian word for Saturday comes from the Norse “Laugardagr” (laundry day/lørdag) and was traditionally a day of relaxation and ritual washing ceremonies. Seems like a pretty good ritual because it’s still on at SALT with Norway’s biggest sauna, food and drinks, and voluntary dips in the fjord.

We will show the movie: The Racing Extinction

SALT Art – Music is located across the water from the Opera.
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