New Story Hub & Hauste: Health – In a sustainability perspective

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A collaborative evening hosted by New Story Hub, Food Studio, and Klimafestivalen § 112 – to celebrate the launch of Hauste Magazine vol 4.

The theme for Hauste vol 4 is «Health», and through articles, interviews, pictures and art the magazine approaches questions like:
What is health?
Is health just the lack of dis-ease?
Can you be healthy although your body is sick?
How is our inner and outer health connected to the health of our planet?

18.00 Panel conversation: «Health – seen in a sustainability perspective»
In this evenings conversation we want to explore how our personal health and the health of the Earth is connected, and ask: how does it make sense to work with these processes concurrently?

Maja Thune (Author, Yoga Therapist and founder of “Love as Medicine”)
Caroline Hargreaves (Author, biosphere diplomat, sustainability navigator –
Siri M. Kalla (Holistic Health Practitioner and Fertility Awareness Educator –
Pamela Hiley (Teacher and founder of Norsk Taiji Senter,                 –
Moderator: Mira Beckstrøm Laurantzon (Editor of Hauste)

19.00 Poetry and short film by Åsmund Vonheim Seip

19.15 Pop-up concert with Goylem Space Klezmer
Goylem Space Klezmer is an unusual musical phenomenon hailing from Oslos underground scene. With one foot rooted in traditional klezmer, the several other feet and limbs of this intergalactic folk ensemble are free to explore Nordic traditions, Balkan beat, Middle Eastern dance rhythms, psychedelic prog and sci-fi electronica.

Celebration with finger-food served by TUNCO
And great possibilities to buy the magazine!
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About the collaborators:

New Story Hub is a monthly gathering for a world in transition. What does it mean to live on our planet today? What tools can we use to adapt to global changes? How can we grow into our full potential as human beings?
We want to inspire you with new stories about how we can live and interact with ourselves, each other and the planet in a healthy way. Join us in creating a network of pioneering people, dedicated to creating a New Story.

Hauste is a magazine for everyone embracing Sustainability, Community and Food Empathy. Hauste is at the forefront of the contemporary generation of solutions-oriented thinkers and doers. With the goal of being a bridge between the old and the new, the tradition keepers and the innovators, the underground and the public domain we want to gather honest stories about real people who are dedicated to serve and create our sustainable future.

Food Studio wishes to change todays food system to a more sustainable network in the near future. 4 times a year, we organise a seasonal workshop and dinner in the natural surroundings of Oslo called Get Away. Other activities range from Get Away collaborations with other likeminded individuals and projects all over the world, to seminars and field trips for larger organisations in Norway to help them make a change

Klimafestivalen § 112 is broad climate celebration that encourages and inspires people to support political measures to ensure a sustainable future. We want to highlight the Norwegian population’s commitment to climate change mitigation, and to encourage collective change. Experts and politicians alone do not resolve the climate crisis – people must contribute as well! The Norwegian Climate Network initiates, facilitates and coordinates the Climate Festival § 112. The network account for a few core events in the program, while volunteers and various organizations in Oslo and other parts of the country are responsible for the majority of the events. In 2017, The Climate Festival consisted of 140 events in 24 different cities and in the districts, from Svalbard in the north to Farsund in the south.