Secret Nature in the City: Exhibition

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Marina Bakhtina will present her exhibition about green roofs in cities: Secret Nature in the City. This will be a very exciting presentation about all the secret possibilities that exist for green spaces in cities.

In addition, a person from Bioveier i Byen will talk about their work for making Trondheim City more lush, green and eatable.

«The Nature in the city is not only parks, streets and yards, but also vegetation on the top of the buildings. You walk along the streets, passing by the building. But do you know what is up there on the roofs?
The presentation will be about green roofs and their vegetation in Oslo. Some extra pictures and stories from green roofs in Sweden and from Scandinavian green roof botanic garden.»

A photo exhibition of the green roofs is already in Stammen Café from December 1st 2016.
Free entry