Theatre show: The Last Hive

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The Last Hive is a theatre show that asks a question – If there was the last bee-hive, what would happen?

«There’s a sense in which the bee is a continuation of the flower, where the nectar of the flower can be seen as a higher development of the plant. If you look at the flower and the bee with creative imagination, you will see the bee as a higher stage of evolution of the plant. »

We may observe the laws of nature, but do we really understand them?

David Tann and Karen Houge invite you inside the last hive to see the inner workings of mother nature’s super-organism. Follow the last honeybee on a quest to save the world! The Last Hive takes you on an epic journey using shadow puppetry, documentary research and clowning.

Created by David Tann
Performed by David Tann and Karen Houge
Sound Design by David Tann
Directed by Kjell Moberg
Produced by Undercover Theatre Company

Price: 100,- (Payment method: Vipps or cash)

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