Tomorrow – Movie Screening / Filmvisning

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Film screening: TOMORROW

Come join us for the screening of the documentary «Tomorrow» and a debate about sustainability and climate change.  The event is free of charge and all are most welcome! We will provide snacks and drinks.

«The film tells the story of its co-producers/co-directors, Cyril Dion and Melanie Laurent. Cyril Dion is a French activist, author and journalist, who has led an NGO for seven years. In 2012, he discovered a study that was the most alarming yet: “Approaching a state shift in the Earth biosphere” published in “Nature”. It said that humankind could disappear be-tween 2040 and 2100 if we don’t drastically change our way of life. He shared his concerns with his friend, actress and filmmaker Melanie Laurent, who for several years has been involved in his NGO Colibris and Greenpeace. Cyril has two children, Melanie had just had a baby, and they don’t see how they remain idle faced with this information. With a small film crew, the pair then set off on a road trip around the world in search of solutions. The film is arranged in chapters: democracy, education, economy and agriculture.»

2015 / English / Colour / 120m / France
Film Title: Tomorrow
Co-Directors: Melanie Laurent & Cyril Dion
Writer: Cyril Dion
Producer: Bruno Levy
Director of Photography: Alexandre Leglise
Production Manager: Sylvie Peyre
Sound: Laurent Cercleux
Narrators: Melanie Laurent & Cyril Dionus
Distribution: Under the Milky Way

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