• Beklager. Denne hendelse har allerede funnet sted.

Artist Kaarina Kaikkonen (f. 1952) has transformed sites in large scale internationally with personal garments since 1987. Hand in hand, 1200 shirts from people in Finland and Oslo are connected in the installation ‘We are still the same’ on the Arctic Pyramide Structure. Her work is presented in collaboration with The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute.

Foto: Endre Lohne

“In every shirt there is a story, because someone with a warm heart has been wearing it. All kind of people are together here, but we are still the same, we are no wiser than fish. We still act like fish, always going in a group, following each other in the same direction, like a shoal of fish. We are a part of nature, and nature is within us.” Artist Kaarina Kaikkonen


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